How To Create Silhouette Images

Create art with silhouette images.



9/10/2021 1 min read

Silhouette Graphics create contrast in photos and are fun to create! You can take silhouette photos in the Mural City app and edit the background out.

STEP 1: Chose the photo you want to edit. To take a silhouette image on you phone. Follow these steps: Shoot towards the sun, hide the sun behind you, adjust the exposure on your phone, stand against a strong-simple background.

STEP 2: Click the mural feature to pick the new background. Chose the background.

STEP 3: After the background is selected you can then add other features, like stickers and fonts to add some cool effects. You can change the hue of the background to create a gif of the combination of the images. Add other features like light leaks and bokeh effect to enhance the photo more.

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